Alberta Pre-Phase I Cancer Program


For life science investigators eager to move their projects from discovery research towards clinical testing, we answer the question:


   "What comes next?"

Are you a biomedical researcher within Alberta who wants to evaluate your promising anti-cancer therapy in the clinic?  Once in vivo proof-of-concept is established, the Alberta Pre-Phase I Cancer Program can guide investigators through the complexities of nonclinical safety testing and eventually to a ‘first-in-human’ Phase I clinical trial. 


While discovery research may take a number of paths with different imperatives, the drug development pathway is orthogonal to these and leads in one direction through pre-determined points.  Although uni-directional, navigation along this path requires careful balancing of often-competing scientific, regulatory and commercial considerations.   Through an extensive network within academia, the Alberta innovation community and the pharmaceutical industry, the Pre-Phase I Cancer Program is able to advise investigators, and to connect them with the expertise they need for a successful translation.

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